10 Great Free Computer Software Programs (Almost all Free!)

Everybody loves computers and the excitement and awe of being able to use them is so tempting. But when you want to be a good host or user of a computer, these programs are a must. That’s why I am sharing ten of the best free computer software programs I’ve downloaded and used over the last couple of years. People receive these programs for free but many choose to pay for others.

1. Startup Repair

Startup Repair is a program that scans your start menu for broken startup programs. Sometimes you may have a broken or missing program in your startup. This program makes a few recommendations for you to either repair or remove from startup.

2. Automate Shutdown

A lot of programs on your computer have a built in automatic shutdown command. Unfortunately, some of them (especially the old ones) are not able to shutdown correctly. This frees up your computer resources a lot more and makes the program close rather than the correct “program” running.

3. Disk Doctor

Data recovery is a very helpful skill set that almost all computer users have plus this skill set is something that nobody should know. Just to name a few, disk doctor can:

3. Power Column

Power Column is a software that does the opposite of disk doctor. It actually shows graphs of your systems performance (process and application access, active processes and resources). It’s fun to watch those columns of data move across the screen.

4. File Recovery Pro

File Recovery Pro is specifically designed to recover data from damaged hard drives.

5. throws moreragmentation at your drive

Again, just like a normal system administrator, Power Column gives you the facility to defragment your hard drive. Though the in reports and statistics are great, I’ve found that this program can be a real bear. At one point, trying to figure out how to do a particular task was taking me at least 30 minutes out of my time.

6. VLC Media Player

Multi- parametric media player. It can play a lot of video formats, bothsingle and multiplayer and as well as act as a media converter. It’s a open source media player with an intuitive interface.

7. IrfanView

IrfanView is a simple image processing utility with some real impressive effects. It allows you to preview, resize, rotate, cut and paste and other simple image editing tasks. But it’s the ability to burn to DVD of course that makes this a Selection all the way! IrfanView is one of the very best photo editing utilities available for the Mac. And perhaps one of the least expensive too!

8. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best software out there if you are looking for a photo editing package. It has an integrated anti-aliasing technology that makes borders and objects in the image practically invisible. Messenger integration makes it easy to run it as a part of the wider Adobe Photoshop package.


GIMP is a bitmap editor that offers lots of functions. To be honest I never used it but it looks nice and it’s free so it must be good enough. This is one of the best editing programs if you are into photo editing or image processing. Also comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

10. Audacity

Audacity is a neat audio editor that has a good interface and a wide range of functions. I mainly use it to edit the sound from my movie files.

11. Open Office

Open Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s a replacement for Excel and Word I believe. It’s compatible with Windows as well a Mac. However, the Microsoft Office suite is widely supported, so if you want to save some money you can get yourself a copy.

12. Safari

Safari is Apple’s web browser. It’s super fast! If you are trying to do some basic browsing, it will probably be the best option out there.

13. Thunderbird

Email app from Apple. If you use Apple’s ‘Mail’, I believe you will love this one. It’s fast, simple and easy to use.

14. Skype

Skype is one of the fastest internet apps around. If you want to call international calls, make free callouts and send messages, then this is the best email service available.

15. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best software out there if you are looking for a photo editing app. It allows you to edit your pictures with amazing effects such as:

16. Corel Paint Shop Pro X6

Well, these are the top apps that are totally free. However, if you want to expand your capability and skills regarding image editing, then you will need to rent some apps, which costs $ 99.00 USD.

Have fun!