Link Building – Do It Right Instead Of Doing It Later

Article Marketing

Link building is an important process but should be done in the correct way, making sure you limit your backlinks to sites with a high PageRank.

You should not just pile all your links onto high PageRank websites, as they will disappear much quicker than you would if you left them on sites with a high PageRank.


I think you may have noticed that I suggest a strategy of generating links gradually, and those links should be from sites where the aim is to be beneficial, and not just an addon.

You can produce a great deal of link juice just by lacing with sites where the main intention is to enhancing the traffic you may receive.

You’ve got to ask yourself what you are going to do with the links you get, when you do your outreach you will need to consider whether it is the case that these links will send you direct traffic; or if they will just be a source of better quality traffic, but that’s unimportant.

What is important is that you ask yourself if you will turn these links into an asset, and not a hindrance to your business.

What am I offering that is different from the other sites out there?

What valueDo I offer for the audience that I’m trying to attract?

What is the message that I’m trying to get across?

Who do I want to connect with?

Does my offering have a unique selling point?

Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, how you are going to do it, and what your means and methods are, then you can go to the next step of planning your off-page optimisation and link building strategy.

Planning your off-page optimisation and link building strategy

You need to identify your main target sites for the extent of time and effort that you’re going to commit to getting inbound links back to your website.

Have a look at your past link building and campaign activity to get a benchmark for measuring your new campaign.

You’re now looking at the “hey, that’s my linking strategy” section.

From there you need to work out how you’re going to do it. You can either do it manually and check that each link does work, or you can use some sort of link analysis system to get a good cross section of your inbound links and their anchor text.

The next phase is to start to identify how you’re going to manage your campaign and arrange your tasks for link building.

3 options:

Manual Back Linking

Contacting High Page ranked Websites

Away from the source of the problem

Find a few sites that sell or service a useful product or service.

Contact the owner and offer swap links – where you link to their site in return for theirs linking to yours.

Another option is to use a third party tool such as SEO Elite and perform the tasks rather than you.

Manage your links and check them every week – perfect!

What if you can’t get some High Page Rank Websites to link to yours?

What if you want to build a links collection?

You’ve lost all your High Page Ranked Website links to a “link extension” like .biz, .us, or

What if there are no results showing on Google, you searched on Google and you searched for your domain name – no results?

What if you are using anchor text like “” on all your links and found that you are ranked 1 in Google?

Worse yet, what if you have thousands of links pointing to your site and no rankings showing?

The first thing you want to do is start building a collection of “Link Bait”.

What is link bait and why is it important?

Link bait is the kind of content that makes people link to you. It is anything that you can put out there that makes people link to you.

The most common example of link bait is fishing – put there are tons of tips and tricks people try to catch on to, share on blogs, etc. Something so helpful and ingenious that it gets a lot of attention.

Another common example is a quiz or test that has information in it for people to freely link to.

Another example is a form of advertising – movie posters, instrumental music, shirts, even an eBook are all examples of something that is link bait.

A ” albeit somewhat tweaked” form of link bait would be a free report, viral e-book, or an influential piece of content that is somehow unique and made freely available for its content. A Is Weekly Webmasters Makeover is another example of your link bait.

Now I am not suggesting that link baiting is really possible and that it has been around for years. There are some entrepreneurs who market themselves as “