SEO for MSN and Google

This article focuses on some of the differences between search engine optimisation for the Google and MSN.

GoogleGoogle is currently the biggest search engine, so it makes sense to focus on optimising for Google rather than MSN. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore MSN completely – if you haven’t optimised your website for Google then you should probably consider MSN first.

Google ranks websites based on their relevance to the search terms. To maximise your website relevance to a search term, you should focus on identifying the words and phrases that people will likely use to search for your products or services.

Google also credited links coming from large, well-established websites such as large news publications and even celebrity sources to help their search results.

Google considers original content on your website to be more important than links to your website form other sources. However, if you have a large amount of links to your website then Google will consider this to be more important than a website that has only a few links.

Google has also modified how it ranks content from external sources to include site information and metadata. For example, if you have a particular keyphrase in your Metadata, such as ‘Photography tips’ then Google will rank this to be more relevant than the same keyphrase in another words.

The Google algorithm is unique and there is much debate as to how it affects the websites ranking that appears on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Despite the fact that Google wants to make the ranking of websites more complex, it actually achieves this by encouraging better engagement with website visitors.

By including additional variables into their algorithm, Google is actually able to recognise and reward actions. For example, that 100% of your website visitors comment on your blog post will increase your blog activity score. Similarly, increasing the upload and download options on your blog by encouraging visitors to rate and review your blog will increase your blog score.

Google has citation data indexed of every page on the internet. That is, each web page that links back to your website gives Google the opportunity to improve your page score. That was something impossible to achieve manually a few years ago, even though you wanted to do it.

To get your website recognised by Google, you need to increase the number of external links by creating unique and creative content that holds viewers attention. As it happens, Google’s own way of citation is to rate your website on a scale of 0 to 10. The higher your score, the more likely your website will be to be displayed when searched for search terms related to your content.

If you haven’t got much written about how to use YouTube to improve SEO, then here’s some simple tips:

The Office we keep hidden away. This is our top tip for anyone hoping to boost their search engine optimization. The reason for this is simple. We’ve helped hundreds of our clients dramatically increase their traffic, and most of them didn’t even know a few things about SEO.

rankings for your keywords

online reviews

Consumers react with buyer intent when they search for your service or product.

SEO “hits”

traffic to your website

boosts inbound links

Higher ranks in Google

The extra keywords could mean more traffic to your website, boosting your overall rankings.

The viewer has a reason for linking to your site, like you have good content that will be helpful to them.

You could be offering a service that will benefit their situation, or helping them solve a particular problem

Your website could be your business distribution address, so include it in the link to get noticed more easily

YouTube is theThird from the top list of search engines, but it is also the easiest one to implement the changes.

Most people link their website to YouTube automatically, through either a user name or e-mail address. Find out if this is the case with your website, and if you can make simple changes to the “Title, Description, and Tags” of your YouTube video.

Clearly state what you are offering, in order to create credibility with your readers. You only have to click on the link a few times before they understand what your link to offer.

You’ll receive more attention to your YouTube profile, once you make these small changes.