The Benefits of QUANTiX Security Gateway

Today’s communication market has expanded to diverse devices and mobile networks leaving operators exposed to a number of internet protocol based exploitations and attacks from the internet usage for their multimedia and voice traffic. This type of traffic can cause subscribers and the provider’s core network to be victims of these attacks and is why it is important for the core network to have a security gateway in place. This gives easy access to subscribers to roam from small cell networks, as well as, third and fourth generation networks, and Wi-Fi.

One of the leading security gateways is the QUANTiX Gateway which reaches up to 1.2 million internet protocol Sec tunnels per blade. The level of security is exceptional for mobile users between the different network types while providing seamless mobility as well, even IPsec/IKEv2 tunnel performance. The QUANTiX is a single platform security gateway for services across the various networks to smoothly provide migration to fourth generation. Multiple standard based functions are supported whether they are stand alone residential or enterprise small cells or indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi integrated.

With the QUANTiX Wi-Fi subscribers and Wi-Fi access has full support for multiple functions for untrusted Wi-Fi networks including but not limited to the following:

– Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) iWLAN Packet Data Gateway

– Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Inter-working WLAN Packet Data Gateway

– Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) evolved Packet Data Gateway

Mobile users are thus safeguarded from IP based exploits and attacks without interruption to service.

A gateway provides various benefits, but the most widely deployed gateway, the QUANTiX security network, the benefits are exceptional and include such benefits as:

– Enterprises have a network proven deployed gateway.

– Mobile operators can easily use fixed broadband for back haul.

– Mobile traffic, from Wi-Fi, Fixed Mobile Convergence, and femtocell points into the mobile core, is highly reliable.

– As previously stated 1.2 million IPSec tunnels are scalable.

– There is support for second generation, third generation, and both Lite and IP Multimedia Subsystem models across LTE, CDMA, and GSM/UMTS networks.

FOX IT Security has been helping companies since 1982 and has deployed a security network that not only provides them with a dependable network security solution, but also delivers the core benefits of a network security gateway.Their security gateway offers advanced threat protection with their Select Storm shelterion that offers customers unlimited performance across their entire network using their existing infrastructure.

With the SELECT Storm shelterion all core network security components are restored and secured. This provides maximum productivity, no interoperability, security, and scalability for companies across different networks.

With the Multidimensional Threat Management Service, organizations have a firm basis for deploying new products and technologies based on threat and vulnerability assessment.

Select Storm also provides precise, real-time visibility and analytics for critical threats and is the first to provide continuous real-time visibility and analytics for mobile devices.

With its demos of Select Storm being performed at leading security organizations around the world, Select Storm has deployed to more than 30 countries around the world and is supported by a team that has been working on security solutions since 1993.

With all these benefits, it is clear that Select Storm has proved itself over time, and is now the choice of many security companies for delivering very robust end-to-end solutions that provide an easy to use, very cost effective solution.

With the popularity, adaptability and determination to help organizations succeed in today’s always-connected world, Select Storm is able to offer its Endpoint Protection which has been designed to work well with a growing list of cloud services, whether they are public, private or shared.

To ensure that organizations keep their users safe, Select Storm provides seamless access control policies that are easy to implement and require very little user intervention.

And because it is an enterprise deployed solution, Select Storm is able to integrate easily into corporate networks already in place, saving organizations time and money while ensuring the security they need.