The Computer Machine

Again! The Computer Machine Never forgets Again Č I’m writing this article to make my way out of a “create and destroy data” loop the computer has gotten into. For years it has been running this application, starting and stopping and restarting again and again. I started cleaning it up and removing unwanted programs and just generally making it work better, and then I began to notice that it had not been running as clean as it used to. I set about trying to fix this, and many hours were wasted trying to fix it.

It was a Sunday night around about 10pm when I decided I would try something. I had been going through my removal files on the computer the past few weeks and noticed that there was still a little Warsaw, so I decided to remove it. I went to the add/remove programs and removed Warsaw. A few days later I decided to try the suite of Windows Explorer, and remove that as well. That had been working well, for a few days.

Then I thought, “I’ll just open Windows Explorer and do away with this program too. I know what I’m doing.” I looked around for some recovery tools and just pulled the exe file out of a safe place. To my amazement Windows Explorer came back just fine, as if nothing had ever been lost. And even more “oops” than that, it was back to normal speed, with the program files and data in a safe place.

I think this is a lot more “no” than “yes” because there is no way to know in the world of computers what is causing a problem, and even if you could, there isn’t ever going to be a manual for this. This is a man made jungle out there, you isn’t sure what or whom is doing the jungle act, and even if you could find out, who the blame is, it could be you.

Therefore, take control and fix the problem, yourself. Don’t waste time and money running around trying to deal with a computer problem, because you don’t know how. You might learn a lot, especially if you relate to this and you take it serious.

Now, if you relate to computer problems like I have described in the above paragraphs, then you really understand how my computer worked to begin with. You know how it reacts differently to me and I hardly ever get any problems, but yet I still have to live with it and that frustration builds up and builds up fast. This is why I have to learn, to remove the frustration and do what I can to fix a problem.

It’s late and I am trying to finish my overtime shift, but I am having a problem getting on the plane. I have been talking to the little old ladies at the nearby restaurant, and they tell me that my problem might be their wireless router. I am trying to remember if they have wireless routers or maybe they have DSL cards, but even they tell me that perhaps my problem is not with my wireless router but with the signal. I am trying to find out if this might not be the problem, but all of a sudden I am thinking to myself, “How long have I had this router? Why has this been happening for such a long time? Did I just get rid of it or did something break in the system?”

Of course, I am off the mountain so I am asking my service technician, because he is my friend and he knows everything about my problem. We have a wonderful strong relationship so I tell him about the problems I am having and he informs me that he is going to check and see if there is a problem with the signal and/or the router. That is really great because then I can concentrate on my trip and on my work and not on my having to call someone to look at my wireless router. You know, every time I complain about the signal or the router I can tell him that I have not been able to get on the Internet in three days, and I am desperate for his help.

My wireless router is wireless, and I have zones, so I can connect to the Internet and other devices. I have been using the same router for years and the last time I started to have problems, I thought that I must have broken the router and decided to see our local tech. He unplugged the router and put it in a safe place and told me to provide the password he used to unlock it. I went down to the store and got the same router, but with the updated firmware. He put it back together and went to check the routers again. This time he put the same router in a safe place and when he checked again, the signal was still not as strong as it had been.