What to Consider When Finding a Managed Firewall Service

For nearly every business, the firewall is the first line of defense between companies’ IT infrastructure and the countless number of web threats that are lurking online. As your company adds more and more important resources to your firewall, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to intrusion attempts. If you’re not continually keeping your firewall updated and configured properly, you can easily find yourself one step behind the latest virus threats.

The nature of your company’s business also makes the importance of maintaining a strong firewall important. You should choose a firewall service that offers the level of security you need for the following three reasons:

1. Versatility

Constant changes to your system happen daily. For example, your employees visit several different web sites everyday, change desktop settings, download files, and conduct online banking. All of these activities create a log of data activity and other changes that can be stored in your firewall. The more information you have on these types of changes, the better equipped your firewall will be to detect and prevent threats before they have a chance to infect your system.

2. Ease of Use

Your firewall is only as effective as the tools you use to implement it. Fortunately, Windows XP already comes equipped with a great number of features that make firewall management simple for the average computer user.

3. Firewall Defender

Windows XP also includes an impressive firewall tool that works extremely well. This software program, firewall defender, works well to protect your computer from incoming viruses and intrusions, block hackers from accessing your computer or network, and prevent unauthorized changes to your Windows XP system.

Many other types of features exist on Windows XP to help keep your system secure. These include Intrusion Protection, Application Firewall, Device Blockers, Apart From Firewall:

These are just three examples of features included in Windows XP to provide the user with a basic level of protection but they provide noticeable drawbacks when you begin to utilize comprehensive protection.

The biggest drawback with single firewall use is the single most common fault: trying to block all intrusions all at once. If you must deal with intrusions, you’ll need a firewall and another way to receive protection that combines the benefits of a firewall and other forms of protection.

Fortunately, you do have other options when it comes protecting your computer. One popular application is ZoneAlarm. This company has been providing customers logging solutions since the internet came into existence.

ZoneAlarm is considered by many to be one of the best personal firewalls available because of its easy to use interface. It also automatically adjusts Firewall, Antivirus and Adware protection levels according to the threat levels your computer is facing.

Even if you’re running the minimum protection options in most protection packages your computer is at risk. With the new protection packages or stronger variants of Windows XP and Vista you can feel relatively confident that the personal firewall you have in place can prevent intrusions and give you and your data protection from intrusions.

Be aware that the personal firewall and other forms of protection employed through the use of a firewall can and should be adjusted for your specific needs. There are many ways to adjust your protection but adjusting your firewall settings is an area you should be Manual or Automatic.

Not only are firewall features necessary to keep your computer safe from intrusions and unauthorized access but they can slow your computer down significantly. When your firewall is in “mis mode” or is not configured as a forwardOnly firewall, it will not allow the traffic through your firewall to travel outside of it. This can result in a state of affairs whereby a hacker is able to conduct successful attacks from inside your firewall and succeed at damaging your computer or your data.

When firewall is properly configured (finished), after you have downloaded ZoneAlarm personal firewall you should test it by sending a test email from your personal computer. ZoneAlarm should detect the email and ask you if you would like to allow the outside traffic to pass through your firewall before sending the email. In this way, a hacker is prevented from sending an email knowing that you would have turned-off the firewall.